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TODAY THE WORD is BLANKS. Since this morning is a holiday and I was too relaxed, it seemed like I was drawing a “blank”. Greg and I were laughing about a good topic, “have you ever had a day you drew a blank” but it became clearer, this was the topic for today. I am pretty sure all of us have had days when you drew a blank, a day things were not coming into focus, or a day it seemed your mind took a day off. According to the English club, the origin of the idiom was most likely this: Origin: This idiom is probably related to the fact that in some lotteries in Europe in the past, two boxes were used, with one containing slips of paper with the names of contestants written on them, and the other containing both slips of paper on which prizes were shown and blank slips on which nothing was shown. If a contestant’s name was drawn from one box, and a blank slip was drawn from the other, the contestant didn’t win a prize, and they had “drawn a blank”.   How many times in our lives do we draw a blank? How many times when you were telling a story or recounting an experience did you forget someone’s name, a reference point, the dates something happened, etc.
We, as a people, do this quite frequently. We have periodic lapses of memory or in other words, we draw blanks. It is frustrating to say the least when we can’t remember someone’s name or the place we were during a momentous memory. We try to obtain assistance when we draw a blank by asking someone who was there or someone we had told the story before to them. Now, it really takes on a new meaning as now we have possibly two people drawing blanks. Is it serious for us to draw a blank? Not hardly as most of the time, later when we are alone or on to another subject, it comes back to us and it seems as if we have won the prize by remembering. Have you ever stopped to think about the person who wakes up with amnesia, and has drawn a blank of his or her entire lifetime. How terrifying it must be for that person. Now for the deeper thought……It is important to share memories with our loved ones and families so that when the time comes and we have gone on to our eternal resting place, they don’t have to draw intentional blanks due to us not filling in those blanks. Have you spent time with your children, your grandchildren, and other family members and shared your stories with them for posterity sake. In other words, Fill in the blanks so they won’t draw blanks.

1 Timothy 5:8                

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever

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