TODAY THE WORD is SPINTOP. With all of the worries in the world today, it is a great escape to go back to childhood and think of one of the toys, the Carnival Spin Top toy made by the Ohio Art Company in the 50’s. As you can see from the picture, they made them colorful to make the visual more effective when the spinning started. How many of you smiled when you saw the picture? It was a more simpler time in life where we could afford to sit on the floor and be entertained by a simple movement to push the top down a few times and watch it spin. I am sure a few enterprising and curious children turned it upside down or looked down into the cavity (not a large opening) to see how it pumped to make it spin. It wasn’t an elaborate toy and it worked on a basic principle. However, even later, when our children or even grandchildren (modern versions but still the same principle), were playing with one, we find ourselves getting down on the floor hoping for a spin. This memory lane walk brought me to a thought which I would love to share with you. We, as humans, desire a simple life even though we buy all of the modern technological gadgets. We play all of the computer games, video games, have the latest in phones, ipads, and we seem to yearn for more, more, more, and I think the key is we think it is helping us develop our minds and knowledge. I don’t know if I agree modern technology is broadening our minds in the ways which are important. We are losing the face to face with our family and friends. We are socializing through this type of communication. We are texting, tweeting, or emailing. We are now typing “u r ♥” instead of you are loved and even though we mean the same thing, we lose something in this translation. I see young people and some older ones using the letters instead of words and I pray it is not because they can’t spell and is because they think it is cool. We take pictures on our phones and send them via photo stream, FB, etc. I am not saying all modern things are bad and I can assure you I use many of them every day in almost every way; I am guilty and I will confess I yearn some days for the Spin Top Toy days. Yes, I would like to shed all of the technology for a day and get on the floor, forget about the craziness in the world and play with this simple, but mesmerizing toy. How about you? Do you feel lost in technology and yearn for a simpler life? Or do we need a little break and then we can go back to tweeting, FB, and all of this world’s modern toys?
Matthew 6:34                
“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

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