TODAY THE WORD is RAMBUNCTIOUS. It was easy this morning choosing a topic and this one may not have been sent, just presented. We have two little dogs and I would like to say it was only due to our bustling around in expectation to our grandsons and Chris coming in about an hour which caused both Bandit, our Yorkie, and Buster, our Papillion mix and we are still wondering to be so rambunctious. With Buster especially, this is normal behavior so I  thought this subject appropriate for today’s blog. Buster is the highest energy dog we have ever had and Bandit is so mellow until Buster “stirs” him up and he can go from mild to “I will take you out” and we will hear Buster whine a little from the put down by Bandit. What does rambunctious mean for all of you who didn’t have parents who used this word? I heard this word in my childhood as with four children within 4 1/2 years, it was not easy to be good children all of the time. According to the definition, rambunctious means: Aggressive, hard to control so now we are getting to the heart of the matter. Is aggressive a bad condition? It can be when aggression is also filled with hate, anger; aggressive behavior in obtaining goals in personal, business and spiritual goals, it can be controlled and can be productive. Notice the second part of the definition as “hard to control” and that is when the combination can be destructive as Buster tearing up anything he can get his paws on. His toys have to be non destructible so they can survive. Now, here is the deeper thought……we love Buster and Bandit both and we realize they are two different personalities and proceed individually. This can be the same with children and even adults too. Think about the friends and family members who could be labeled rambunctious and then there are the ones who seem laid back and are always chilling. In any given day, they both can accomplish the same amount of production and tasks. It is not for us to think one is better than the other or smarter or not as smart, harder to relate than the other, and so forth. None of us are the same and we should be loved for our talents, capabilities, charming nature, peaceable nature, obliging, inventive, and thoughtfulness. If a person is seemingly lacking in some talents, we need to look closer, watch more intently for signs of talents, listen for interests and develop those interests and by all means; do not label our children. Be positive and assertive and a little rambunctious in encouraging children’s little accomplishments and they will grow into positive achievers. Live life, love life and live life to the fullest and that includes even the rambunctious ones; they sometimes amaze us!

Romans 8:25                
But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

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