TODAY THE WORD is GRANDPARENTS. Since today is National Grandparents Day, I thought I would spend a few minutes and do some memory lane walking and see if it jogs some of your childhood memories of your grandparents. I have used some of the memories on the blog before, but they are relevant to the full picture of the diversity of our grandparents as they were totally different in personality. So here goes: My maternal grandmother, Lillie Mae Bordeaux Holt, was a tiny woman who had 10 children and was spunky (I guess that was not an option with that many children) and at 91 was in a nursing home and being quite ornery with the staff. My Mom was trying to settle her down and remind her to be nice to the ones taking care of her when her doctor came in and said to my Mother, “She’s 91; let her rip!”. My maternal grandfather, Cecil Holt, was the head guard at a prison camp and had a prisoner who had escaped and was held up in a empty house. They said the prisoner wanted Boss Holt to come in the house. Granddaddy went into the house and brought him out. When they asked him what happened, “He just needed someone to talk to!” was Granddaddy’s reply. My paternal Granddaddy was William Roy Lott, Sr. and he was a little man in stature but strict as could be. I would like to say how much I loved him but I was so scared of that little man who called his wife “Woman” I never thought about loving him. It was my brother, Joe, who Granddaddy loved in our family and he called him “little preacher man”. I never knew why he called him that but that was his nickname and that was the only time I would see Granddaddy Lott smile. His wife, my Granny Lott was the one from whom I felt a quiet love. She seemed as scared of Granddaddy Lott as I was or more, and she didn’t ever say anything back to him (or at least when we were there) and she always hid me a cathead biscuit in her apron and she would fill it with white sugar syrup and tell me to go outside and eat it (I have told this story before too). All of them were different; all of them had different ways of showing love; all of them were responsible for bringing my parents in this world; all of them have been a factor in our family’s genetic makeup; all of them believed in their children doing the right thing and all of them believed in God. May our grandchildren pause on some future Grandparents Day and find something to tell about their Grandparents and remember good times together and may they remember we believe in God.



Proverbs 17:6                
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.

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