Photo of Macy Grace (courtesy of Sheila & Mark Lott)

TODAY THE WORDS are WHO SAYS YOU ARE NOT A STAR?  It is a little, precious, beautiful  Yorkie who gave me the inspiration for this message. Macy Grace, the tiny Yorkie in the photograph keeps us amazed with her photogenic poses and antics and we are always saying she should be in commercials or movies. It brought a thought to my mind and I wanted to share it with you today. Many of us, as a matter of fact probably almost all of us, will never be tagged by society as “stars” or celebrities in this life and that is okay. The thought for today is not this realization rather we are all “stars” in our own little circles. One of us might sing so sweetly; we want to know why not try out for a spotlight; one might do wonders for charities and that feat is “stardom” of a certain beauty; one might inspire by a testimony of strength, endurance, forgiveness and grace and what an inspiration for others; one might be a leader in the community or church and gives time, patience, lessons, plans for improvement and encouragement for the hopeless; and rescuers of animals who give a lost animal a new home and owners who care about them for them to never feel helpless and lost again. I could go on and on but you are seeing where my train of thought is going. What is a star? Media recognizes stars as celebrities and what is ironic; some “stars” don’t seem to possess talent; some just possess money and access to the media hype. I don’t recognize the lack of talent as qualities of a true star. When a national disaster happens; stars come out and some of them may have good intentions and I am not judging but observing. Some come out for the wrong reason, a photo shoot. A true star gives of themselves when no one is looking; there is no financial gain; and there is no photo op for them to profit. A real star will help others for the sake of helping others. A radiant star is one who is more interested in their inner beauty than the outer beauty. A glorious star will be humble when they have reached the mountain top and recognize the reason they are at the top is from the blessings they received. A magnificent star doesn’t cry God, OMG, or Jesus to have others hear them but they trust, they believe, they have all of the faith to realize the brightest star is the light from above. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest to shine for the right reason and realize we can all be stars for God.
Psalm 147:4                
He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names

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