TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN IS IT MY TURN? I see heads turning as I type on this subject which sounds selfish. Oh, yes indeed! We are going to discuss the reality facing a lot of people of whom I call “life helpers”. I do speak with knowledge of this subject from years of thinking it was my job to “save” others. I am not making light of the word “save” but some of us somehow went off the beaten path and have tried, with all of our might, to give, give, give and not expect the person to whom we gave, to give anything in return. I am not talking money, however I have given my share away to people who never even gave it a thought to repay. I am talking about them getting off their duffs (you know what part of the body I am referring to) and do something with their lives. I kept seeing the same ones making the same mistakes over and over. I see many people today doing what I used to do and getting the same results….Notta! On Facebook, I see friends who find it amazing people will actually use them. It happens! The worst part is it doesn’t work. Until a person wants to change, you can turn blue, and I mean BLUE waiting for them to do the right thing. Life helpers usually (and there are a few exceptions) only hurt themselves by giving too much. Now, I am going to tell you what I found out. I am guided to do right by others but I am not to enable, and I mean I AM NOT guided to enable people who are not helping themselves. If a person is sick, and you want to help, that is good; but if that sickness is caused by addictions, habits, laziness, etc. you are doing more harm to enable those symptoms. I know this sounds harsh but I wish someone had told me earlier as I probably would be retired as I kept giving and giving to people who are still not doing right; isn’t that a shocker? God wants us to love each other and I do; God wants us to give it our best try; moochers aren’t giving it their best. Encourage don’t enable is my advice today. Someone truly in need deserves the “right” kind of help; they don’t need an excuse not to try. Then, and when you get to this point in your life can you have “your turn”. The last time I checked, it is God’s job to save. Only help when it is help and not enabling!
Ephesians 2:8                
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

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