TODAY THE WORDS are FAMILY REUNIONS. This morning, with preparations for my husband’s mother’s family reunion underway, my mind has taken a trip back to reunions of the past. I am referencing to reunions I went to as a child on my Mother’s side which relays to a thought of pondering of why I don’t have a lot of memories of reunions on my Daddy’s family side. Now, I have a few but not many. Momma’s family still has the reunion every year and it will be coming up soon too. Momma is no longer living and is truly missed at the reunions as well as her three sisters and two brothers too. When we were small, we have lively reunions filled with lots of homemade food, iced tea, Kool-Aid, scrumptious desserts, and lots of playing together with cousins.The stories we heard about Granddaddy, Grandmother, my uncles and aunts, and a lot of smiling and laughing and a once in a while, “You better not tell that” was heard. I think about how significant those times were and why it wasn’t as important on my Daddy’s side to gather together and share the same times. On my Daddy’s side there are or for some, were good people but a different personality group. There wasn’t a lot of hugging as in Momma’s family. Mostly, I remember going to Granddaddy and Grandmother Lott’s house for Sunday dinner and that was like a mini family reunion but somehow different. While I have been remembering these times, a thought came to me as to why these different gatherings were. We develop our traditions and reunions stemming from our heritage of our family settings. Granddaddy Lott was comfortable in his house but was not a true socializer while Granddaddy Holt, my Momma’s Daddy was out and about all week long and was a masterful socializer. Now for the deeper thought….our minds set the stage for a lot of people who are affected by our “normal routine” and so we must be careful to implement the right thoughts and actions by first implementing our own actions. Find ways to step out of our comfort zone by doing activities which are “mentally” healthy and worth sharing. Get together with family and not shy away or always think people need to come to my house. Make the effort to extend your social circle. Find ways to connect with loved ones and by all means, connect with Our God who makes families possible by giving us life. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by sharing your best asset…..YOU!
1 Timothy 5:8                     
But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

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