TODAY THE WORDS are DISAPPEARING TRAILS. There are several avid hikers who are loyal to their hobby and they see this event while hiking. Usually in frequent hiker trails, the trails start out larger and more frequented. Many hikers use these trails as they are marked and easy to follow. How many of you have “truly” hiked? This one writing this post is not one of them; as an avid watcher of shows, I have seen how the trails work so bear with this “non-hiker” who is going to “walk” us through some trails. A hiker walks along the marked trail and will follow it until he or she is fulfilled with the beauty of the woods or mountains. Trail markers reflect the normal time to start back down the trail for the average hiker to avoid certain fatigue. The experienced and adventurous hiker will take the lesser frequented trails to maybe catch a glimpse of some animal, plant, or tree not visible to the masses of hikers and it seems like they are discovering their “find” for the first time. While hiking on the smaller trails, one can encounter the “disappearing trail” occurrence. This is where a trail all but ends. It is overgrown and difficult to walk and movement slows to a crawl. Almost all, with the exception of the true discoverer, will turn around and not attempt to work themselves through the terrain and undergrowth. Years and years may pass before someone will open the path where others might follow. Now for the deeper thought…..In life we follow trails and in this following, we meet friends and acquaintances. We travel together; we learn together; we help each other; and we have fun together. Life allows us to travel down the “main path” together. At some point in our lives, we hikers of life reach the end of the main path and have to decide whether to keep hiking together on the “disappearing path” which may take more stamina than the other friend is capable of accomplishing and one may choose to start back down the main, easier path while one is willing to go the distance. We should accept the decision of the other without any judgment or distaste. While it is not measuring each one’s worth; it is defining the inner differences. In life, we will travel with some friends part of the way; others will travel with us longer. This is life! This is our destiny and while we may take different trails; remember the fun times on the trails we traveled together and smile!
Mark 1:3                     
The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight,’”

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