Photo of Georgia State Fair, Perry GA

TODAY THE WORDS are TRIPS TO THE FAIR. With all of the economic problems and all of the financial crises going on in our country, I would have thought the fair would have suffered. Last Sunday on our way home from a family reunion, we noticed traffic picking up around Perry, GA, location of the GA State fair and there was an incredible sight to see. I don’t think they could have added another vehicle to the parking lots unless someone left. I have given this some thought, thinking this was odd with the circumstances and then it came to me. As a child, when we would go to the fair, it was a little escape from reality. We would see all of the lights coming from the rides and we would watch in both excitement and fear from the height of the rides. We had our little tickets and off we would go. Life was simple then; our parents and sometimes us, worked hard and enjoyed it immensely when we were allowed to play and have fun. No one seemed to pay attention to the health codes of the food and amazingly, I don’t remember losing any children from food death but I do remember some tummy rumbling. We loved spending all we could afford to win a prize. Oh, the joy if you had one of the bigger stuffed animals to tug around proudly. I realized, while taking myself back to those younger days; there is no difference today. Even with technology keeping our attention; the fair still has its drawing power. We crave the days of carnival food; we long to win or have one of the “prizes” won for us by our sweethearts; we live for the lights; and we try to take the walks through the displays and see who won the awards. One can always find the parents hanging around those displays if their child won a blue ribbon. Now for the deeper thought and you might ask “What deeper thought can be from the trip to the fair?”……..All of us need the escape from all of the tension, the strife, the difficulty of normal living and if it is not going to the fair, we need to do activities and they don’t have to be expensive trips. We crave down times. Maybe we can bring out the board games and pop some popcorn and play games again. We can learn to picnic again; fish again: play ball in the backyard; take rides to a nice spot and take in God’s beauty. God created the beautiful mountains, the beautiful waterfalls, a nice creek; a beautiful field of wildflowers; or a visit to loved ones just to catch up other than our social media. Oh yes, even if someone is struggling; a few dollars spent at the fair may bring the smiles and laughter to get us through. I may not go to the fair, but I plan on relaxing a little.  Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest with some smiles, laughter and a few giggles thrown in!

Ecclesiastes 2:24                
There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God,
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