TODAY THE WORDS are THE GIFT OF STILLNESS. This topic came as an unexpected “gift” since it was part of a conversation between a good friend and former classmate, Joyce Hanna Ricciardelli (who I hope doesn’t mind me building on her thought) and another dear friend. The conversation had developed about slowing down and not taking on so much. Joyce relayed this wonderful thought, “As we get older, stillness is a gift.” I may not be quoting this exactly but it reveled in my soul. Some people are calmer, slower to speak, and seem mature beyond their years as young adults. Some of us run rapidly, talking and walking at the same time, taking on entirely too many tasks, projects, relationships, etc. While the energetically moving people accomplish a lot, live a lot, they use up quite a lot of energy. Also they miss some events, family time, and some quiet time. The hurrying, the bustling, the voicing of opinions, can actually take them out of the important one on one time and even though the spotlight might be shining more directly on them from time to time, there can be dark times to encompass. Life is an adventure and I have filled my life with more than some people I know, but some of my best times were the quiet, still times. In the past, those still times were rare, but as Joyce so intently expressed are becoming a gift now as I get older and are treasured as they should be. My writing is my gift of stillness; my devotion is my gift of stillness; and my cuddling time with my husband and our dogs are a gift of stillness. The days of having to be out in the spotlight or having to express openly all of my opinions about everything is not as critical as it was. I am not saying I don’t have strong opinions, and certainly my faith is growing even stronger every day; I am saying I find time of meditation and devotion more comforting and when I feel led to express my thoughts, I will do so but it is not always necessary. Oh yes, as we get older, stillness is a gift and learning from others is so wise. I have listened to this message coming from a friend. That is the deeper thought for today….We receive messages from God through others; we gain wisdom as we listen; we gain love as we love; we gain trust as we trust; and we grow as we take all of the lessons we receive as rain is to the flowers in the garden in order for them to have the magnificent blooms we enjoy. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by embracing some stillness.
Psalm 46:10                
“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

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