TODAY THE WORDS are CLEARANCE RACKS. Almost all of us have experienced the trips to the retail shops and even outlets for the big sales, clearance, end of season, and going out of business sales. Even non-advertised promos in a store are marked “clearance racks” and naturally, we are drawn to them like a moth to a light. Here we go, hoping to find the deal of the century; our big find is waiting on this rack; we are sure of it. We go through piece by piece and if we do find the big savings, we are elated and we feel so excited. Bargains attract people, young and old; but why are we so attracted? Most of the items which are on the rack are usually the over stock or last season’s fashion; not that it matters but there are reasons why they are on clearance. Why are we drawn to the stores advertising mark down prices from the big retailers? When we go there, the clearance racks seem like discovering gold. Don’t get me wrong on my thoughts on this as I think it is smart shopping. I am curious as to the draw, other than savings because I have a theory on this. First, let me say, this blogger is not a true shopper. I was apparently born without the shopper’s gene. I find myself dreading a trip instead of relishing it as so many of my friends. I go into a store with a particular item in mind and very seldom buy other items when I go. That said, what I have noticed from others is the ones who love the sales, buy a lot from outlets, and go crazy with purchases in the name of sales and clearances and end up spending more than this “shopping Grinch” so that was my reason for the curiosity. Now, for the deeper thought….God loves the clearance rack of us. He cherishes the out of fashion, the unwanted, the down trodden and even the damaged goods. He offers to take us home, take care of us, love us, and uses us by our testimony to spread His Word. God doesn’t leave us hanging on a life rack and bypass us; He has bought our Salvation through His Son’s blood and it may be a bargain for God; it is priceless for our souls. Live life; love life; and love life to the fullest by finding the best deal in life….God!
Matthew 6:19                     
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,

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