TODAY THE WORDS are BULLS EYES. This topic is going to be two fold as I have experienced two kinds of bulls eyes in my life and thought I would share my thoughts on both experiences. When I was young, and since our Dad was a policeman, we were taught how to safely and properly fire a gun. We were taught not to aim it at other people, make sure at what we were aiming, and even how to put a gun down safely so it didn’t go off. This said, I would like to see more safety taught but I would like to see more safety in keeping guns stored by locking them away from people and children. Now, let’s get to the bulls eye target shooting. When my first husband and I lived in Valdosta, we were close to the river and would walk down to the river and target shoot. We had the paper targets and would put them on a tree and practice shooting. My former shooting experience helped me to be fairly accurate and I held my own with him. I was able to hit the center of the target, bulls eye as the center is called and it was exciting. He remarked one day I hope you never aim at me or I am a dead ringer. I look today as reaching goals as hitting the bulls eye or “being right on target” which was derived from target shooting. Bringing you up to current days and to the other way that bulls eyes play into my life and this one is wonderful. My husband, Greg, as a treat brings me coffee every morning and I would not probably even drink coffee if he didn’t make it, taste it to make sure he has it perfect. Yes, ladies I am bragging! On some Saturday or Sunday mornings, he treats me with my favorite breakfast, he does Bulls Eyes by over easy 2 eggs (made in our green pan so all of you who know I am eating better don’t go ballistic) and inserted into the center of one side of a multi grain thin sandwich bun. I used to get bacon or sausage, times they are a’changin’! But I assure you I don’t miss them as it is the bulls eye that is so good to me; but the best part is his smile when he brings it to me. He nails the bulls eye or is right on target by making something just for me which he knows I love! Bulls Eye, Greg! Life is made to treat your mate and when you do; it makes a difference. I know when I make sawmill gravy and homemade biscuits I still can score a Bulls Eye any day. Live life, love life, live life to the fullest by scoring bulls eye for someone today.

Colossians 3:2                     
Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

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