TODAY THE WORDS are LITTLE PLEASURES.  With so many unpleasant things and events going on in the world, I thought I would remind some of us who are old enough to remember the little treats of life we had when we were youngsters. Hopefully, this may bring a few smiles and even some comments of special memories which I may forget to mention. I remember the small glass bottle cokes with a small bag of salted peanuts poured into the coke. If the coke was really cold, it fizzed and that combination of sweet and salty was the bomb. Of course, most of us remember the RC Crown Cola with the moon pie. For some reason that seemed to do the trick. The different flavors of the moon pie, banana and chocolate were my favorites. Banana, orange, grape and cherry popsicles were in demand and then there were the creamsicles. Do you remember them? For some reason, vanilla wafers held a special sweetness and for the life of me, they don’t seem sweet any more. They are probably the same but it seems different to me. Jell-O, hardly eaten by children now, was a treat beyond good when we were small. Treats, and I am sure there are plenty more, just like I am remembering Good and Plenty; Life Savers, and Pay Days. It didn’t seem to take very much for us to feel we had been “treated” and now, I think children and adults who have snacks and sweets available on an ongoing schedule don’t see them as little pleasures; they see these items as “staples” and for some reason I feel something has been lost in the quick availability. Do you remember the excitement attached to the trip to the store, the smell of goodies in Momma’s kitchen, or the kids gathering in the yard to shake the coke bottle for the fizz? We looked forward to “our little pleasures and it was a goal to get those special treats. That brings me to the deeper thought for today…..Life is a composite of both pleasure and pain. We are not protected in order for things not to happen during our lifetime; we are protected to make it through the tough times. It is the little pleasures of life; the special times with our family and friends, the great times and memories to pull from in bad times, and the love between our spouses, children, siblings, our parents and God which give us the same warm, sweet taste in our lives which make us smile while we enjoy life. Today and everyday, live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by taking time to enjoy little pleasures of love!
Psalm 119:103
How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
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