TODAY THE WORDS are CHICKEN SOUP. With so many people coming down with the stomach bug (or technically intestinal virus) lately, I was reminded of a great friend of mine always saying when I have anything wrong with me, “Eat Chicken Soup”. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen created the books “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for motivation and inspiration. There has to be something to this depiction and responsibility for this “cure all” so let’s think about it. How many of us remember the days of waking up or even feeling sicker as the day grew longer? How many times when regular food seems to make us feel worse and nothing settles on our stomach? I have encountered this feeling many times in my lifetime so what makes chicken soup settle on our stomachs when nothing else will do? Here is one reference to a study to see the medicinal value of chicken soup: The most widely cited of these studies, published in the medical journal Chest in 2000, is by Dr. Stephen Rennard of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. He conducted laboratory tests to determine why chicken soup might help colds, beginning with his wife’s homemade recipe, handed down by her Lithuanian grandmother. Using blood samples from volunteers, he showed that the soup inhibited the movement of neutrophils, the most common type of white blood cell that defends against infection. Dr. Rennard theorizes that by inhibiting the migration of these infection-fighting cells in the body, chicken soup essentially helps reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms.

The Science of Chicken Soup By TARA PARKER-POPE (reference source)

Ah, so there might actually be some merit to my friend’s recommendation and I do believe there is, as it seems to start moving me into a better feeling once I eat some. Now for my deeper and warm thought……As Chicken Soup seems to make us feel better; a little self check of our attitudes could work in the same way as chicken soup does for a cold. I see people who are “angry” with the world and the smallest thing sets them off. They jump to expressing their dissatisfaction about most things and actually some things before they have all of the facts. I understand, definitely believe me when I say I understand since I used to think I had to save the world (found out that was already done by Our Savior on the cross and He paid that big price so I wouldn’t have to pay it) and once I discovered the salvation and the solution was up to Him, my life became more relaxed and nothing could be as devastating as Christ’s experience, so I could turn those things over to Him. Christ certainly proved He could handle the biggest challenge and show love at the same time. If you are having anger problems, try turning them over to the “Anger Management Master”. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by realization we are not alone and we do not have to “save the world”.
John 3:16 King James Bible
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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