TODAY THE WORDS are THE ROLE OF A WOMAN. With this post, I am going to go to the heart of my thoughts as to my interpretation of the role of a woman and it may reflect a different view from a lot of my readers. As I have found out writing the blog, the blogs which take a unique stand promotes more thought on my reader’s part and I find that invigorating for all of us. As I grew up, I was privy to many different role models of women and mothers. I want to break in down into categories and then I will share my interpretation of each one of these types.
1) I remember my Mother, who was a combination woman. She was a good Mother, worked outside the home, and provided for her children. She was a disciplinarian and not a cuddlier. Her way of showing love was baking you something special, saving money to buy something you wanted when times were tight. She wasn’t a Diva, but carried herself well. She wasn’t career minded but put her best foot forward in whatever she was involved. Her Woman Type seemed to be: Basic Need Provider
2) An Aunt of mine comes to mind as more of a Diva worrying about her looks and her attire than the basic need woman. She worked but only because she had to work; career was not an option but being provided for by her husband was a big necessity. She liked having things done for her and was concerned with her children as how others would see them and how they would measure her mothering skills. She did take time to care for herself and was more of a social butterfly. her Woman Type seemed to be: Socially Oriented Recipient
3) I had a Grandmother who I felt sympathy for since she seemed to be dominated by her seemingly demanding husband who actually called her “woman” and she worked, kept quiet, was loving to the grandchildren but was reserved in social gatherings to speak out and I never heard her discuss her thoughts on anything until he passed. For her to feel she had been let out of prison when he passed was a sad reflection on her life. Her Woman Type seemed to be: Victim Caretaker
4) A lady I knew from church and who was very active in church and participated in so many youth activities was a different person from all of the rest. She was concerned in her dress and looks, but didn’t seem like a diva but more of a refined lady. We looked up to her as she had a career and took time to do good deeds for others. However, she didn’t have a family and wasn’t married. She seemed at times to be lonely and it seemed to fill some void to have young people around her. Her woman type seemed to be: Independent Giver
5) A woman who was the “boss” of her family making all of the major decisions for the members and taking charge was still a loving person and caregiver. She did her share of household chores, cooking, and found time to be at church which she was an active and vocal member and even had a radio show sharing her beliefs with others. On the surface, she seemed to be demanding but when someone was in need, she was the first one to help them. Her woman typed seemed to be: Predominant Manager
Summary of the different types and how a woman’s role plays into this message: A woman’s role is her choice. As we are created differently, it is up to us as to how independent, how dependent, how loving, and how career oriented we need to be. It is not a set role and should not have boundaries as to how we perceive our role in life. I find the people who, as life projects, are flexible and actually change their role as life permits. If we can decide how we are going to do our part in whatever relationship we have with our spouses, siblings, parents, and children and do our individually best to be what God has asked of us; we will not only have a great life; it will be filled with love and great memories. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by opening your hearts, your minds, your souls and your eyes to what this world and eternity will offer you.
Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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