TODAY THE WORDS are FOOLS RUSH IN. When I started with this thought, the song Elvis sung “I can’t help falling in love with you” came to mind with the line “Wise men say only fools rush in.” While looking up the information on the song, I came across the Frank Sinatra hit with the actual Title “Fools rush in” written by a writer who I know a descendant, Peggy Mercer, who writes songs too. Love is a wonderful part of life and its appeal sometimes puts our logical side to the side. Take a look at the lyrics and then I will give you my thoughts on this topic.


Writer(s): mercer/bloom

Fools rush in

Where angels fear to tread                                                  

And so I come to you my love

My heart above my head

Though I see

The danger there

If there’s a chance for me

Then I don’t care

Fools rush in

Where wise men never go

But wise men never fall in love

So how are they to know

When we met

I felt my life begin

So open up your heart and let

This fool rush in
Why do we seem to rush into relationships, friendships, jobs, homes, and families without thinking about the long term effects? Sometimes, if we didn’t take the risk as the song says, we would miss out on the best things in life. If, however, we don’t stop a minute and give some thought to what can be life changing, we can end up looking “foolish”.  On important life events, maybe it not so wise to rush in. It is a choice for us to make and I am not saying to not ever take risks; calculated risks are a better way for us to look wiser. Live life; love life; live life to the fullest by loving with the heart of a wise man by appreciating the significant other.


 Proverbs 18:2                     

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

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