TODAY THE WORD is SINKHOLE. This morning, another sinkhole appeared in Florida partially swallowing a home and has a boat with motor and trailer dangling on its edges. It caused me to think about sinkholes and how they affect people along with other devastating acts of nature. In my hometown of Douglas, I remember a sinkhole outside of town and many stories about the depth and there has always been a mystery surrounding it.  The Free Dictionary by FARLEX states a sinkhole is
“A natural depression in a land surface communicating with a subterranean passage, generally occurring in limestone regions and formed by solution or by collapse of a cavern roof.” However, we didn’t think of the sinkhole as natural but more as something with a devious mission. Sinkholes have appeared in different types of areas, even gulping a highway into its wide open mouth or entire homes have been the main course of this nature’s monster. I understand the explanation given but is it really natural for a hole to start appearing, grow larger and keep growing until anything in its path takes a deep plunge to not be seen again, taking with it any personal possessions and or people if they are not quick enough to leave the immediate area. Watching this natural phenomenon, I had a deeper thought……In the end of days, is that how people, who do not have God in their lives, who have failed to seek God’s love, and who have denied the existence of God, will be swallowed into a Hell to never see the light of day again? Will the bowels of the earth, as in the sinkhole monster, swallow up people who will not see the paradise of Heaven? This sounds like a horror movie we all have seen many times but it is very plausible. Sinkholes eventually stop growing and devouring its surroundings, and if people heed the warning, turn from the edges, they can escape death by changing direction. So goes the life of a sinner. Don’t be sucked into the sinkhole of death, but rise by Grace, to the Heavens when time on earth is through. Live life; love life; live life to the fullest by seeking the way, the truth and the life!
King James Bible John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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