TODAY THE WORDS are SOME SILLINESS IS REQUIRED. In the times when we are seeing more of our friends dying from so many different illnesses at a younger age than should be occurring; we have a lot of pain and grief to go through and with this occurrence, we may need to escape at certain times to be able to tolerate the pain. So, in the most respectful way, let us escape with a visual thought. On restaurant doors, we sometimes see a sign “Shirt and shoes required” and this brought a thought to my mind. Why don’t we post a sign on our home’s door, “Some silliness required”. Have you ever been in a serious situation and someone passes a little gas. Come on, we all have been there. It breaks even the most dire situation and even though most people don’t dare laugh out loud, I feel we are about to burst open at that silly relief we get from that gesture. Think about what I am saying and your mind will go to your own experiences of having a good laugh at the worst times and the best times. I recall seeing a lady coming out of a bathroom and her skirt caught up in her panty hose. Of course, I ran over to tell her as I didn’t want her to be more embarrassed than she was when I told her; but it was funny. It happens; life happens! I read a post from my cousin, Lucy Schell; I love to read her posts,  recounting a funny experience when she was expressing thanks for laughter. All of us women who wear panty hose have experienced discovering an “extra” pair of pantyhose finding its way out of one of our pants leg after we have been “strutting” around a store….I have! After wondering how many people saw my extra apparel, I found a way to strategically pull them out. Life offers us those funny moments for a reason and again, some silliness is required. One of the best compliments we can receive in this life is for someone to say we have a great sense of humor. A sense of humor can get us through the most difficult times; it also can enhance any great moment. Children offer an innocent offering of humorous enchantment to our world. Think about it; when have you been able to resist a video of a child doing their thing without fear of embarrassment or shyness? You know you love it and it is a healthy exercise for us to smile and laugh. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by adding a requirement, “Silliness is required” in our lives.
Proverbs 17:22                
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

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