TODAY THE WORDS are WE ARE OUT OF SORTS.  This is a true Monday morning after a long weekend and Greg having to go for jury duty and me deciding to get ready a little differently. I usually wake up and once the coffee has appeared, I start writing the blog. I used to do a report for the company I work, but that has been taken away by a young lady who gets up early like I do and I appreciated that relief very much. Back to this morning’s amusing saga….I had cut my hair over the weekend and was shampooing it to make sure I get used to the new styling so I jumped in the shower and then while I was blow drying it when I heard Bandit, our little Yorkie barking. I turned to look at him on the bed as I can see it from the bathroom. I saw him staring at me and he was not barking at anything but me. It hit me and I am smiling as I write this. His schedule has been interrupted; I was off schedule with our normal routinE. He always sees me pick up my laptop and I write the blog sitting up in the bed (remember normally a lot earlier and before I go into the bathroom).  He starts getting excited when I pick it up because he knows it normally keeps his Mommy still for a while and he backs up to my side and sleeps while I write. My mind was not thinking of how my change of routine was affecting him. He was barking to remind me of our morning time together and I realized how we are used to routines as humans but animals are conscious of time too. How do we handle the times when our normal routine is upset and/or changed. I read a lot of posts on social media and it looks we may not be handling it so well. I hear anxiousness about work and holidays; sicknesses and trips not going as planned. I am married to a “creature” (that is said lovingly) who does everything on a routine. I could set my clock by his movements. He is so organized and handles his routine very well. What he has problems with is when others interrupt his routine. He accomplishes a lot by having a routine  and lists but I can see the tension when someone changes the game plan unexpectedly. I am similar but a little more flexible. That doesn’t make either one any better; it is the way we are. Bandit apparently is not comfortable with changes either and barked to let me know. I am happy to report he is beside me sleeping once he told me to “get in here”. Now for the deeper thought….Life is what we make it; it is ever changing; ever in need of flexibility when our routine is altered, but life is an adventure and the most exciting adventures come from traveling to an unfamiliar place and not knowing what to expect every minute. God will travel with us; He will hold our hands while we experience new things, and He will keep us from barking to others when life throws in the unexpected. The only thing we need to schedule and make a routine is to live a life worthy of a one way trip to Heaven when we are through with the routine life.

1 Peter 3:15                

But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,
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