TODAY THE WORDS are DOGGIE TREATS. I am in the process of teaching our puppy, Buster a few tricks. He is smart and learns quickly. He has mastered the combination of “the high five; the other (meaning the other paw for high five); up on back legs, and then down to a lying position; and the bark on command. All of these are done without me saying anything and using hand signals. Since he has been doing this combination very well with a treat given on the conclusion of each set, he understands he has to do his routine before the treat is given. I have progressed to the “dance around” which he does dance around several times before the treat. This week has been the “walk” and even though it is similar to the dance around with him up on his hind legs, he has mastered the difference and walked about 5-6 feet this morning with Greg watching. Of course, he had his treat to reward him. Here is the funny part, and Greg tells me I am silly when I do this. Bandit was not taught tricks ( he was already grown when we rescued him) but I go over during the training session with Buster and ask Bandit if he wants to do tricks. I have to lift one leg and say “Give me five” and then I have to lift the other leg and say “other”. Then I say Good Boy and give him a treat. I know he thinks that is his trick to get me to do the work and he gets the treat. It is funny to us and allows him to be included. He sits on command and we love him dearly. The treats come when they go out in the morning for their “business” and Buster knows to lead me into the kitchen to the “treat cabinet” and nudge the door. As smart and mischievous as Buster is; one day he will have it opened and feasting. The treats are a reward for a good job so that brings me to the deeper thought of this message….God is our life trainer and during our life, we are going through a spiritual training. Right at first, as puppies, we are taught the basics from our parents and they reward us throughout our childhood with “worldly” treats such as clothing, bikes, games, phones, etc. and we usually flourish and learn new tricks of life as we grow. We are taught to behave, speak when it is appropriately, do our chores and schoolwork, and sports if that is part of what we learn. When we grow up, we actually take on the role of trainer and repeat to our children the “tricks” of life we learned. Again, treats are given and so on, life goes. The best “feat” or “trick of life” we need to learn is life is life and as important as it seems with all of the training; the most important part is how we earn the best, most flavorful, long lasting (as a matter of fact, it is eternal) reward…..Eternity with our Creator and God. We will “Give Five, Other, Jump Up and Lay Down and Bark along with Walking and Dancing in the presence of Our Loved Ones and we can sit at Our Lord’s feet. I know Buster loves his doggie treats, but I will love to be one of us to receive God’s reward for believing in Him, loving Him above all else, and worshipping Him. Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by seeking the truth and knowledge to take us to our Heavenly Treat.
Matthew 25:21          
His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’
(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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