TODAY THE WORD is EXPECTATION. What is expected in life? We look forward with excitement and expectations of upcoming celebrations and holidays. The excitement builds as the event comes closer. We build up certain expectations and some are realistic and some are fantasy filled. I see peoples faces filled with pleasure and I see some people that are disappointed in what they receive as gifts. They may try to mask it but it somehow shows on their face. In today’s materialistic basis, children not only write their list for what they expect; some cannot contemplate anything other than what they feel they should receive. This is true with salvation. Some people think that when you have Christ in your heart that all will be fine and the struggles in life will be gone. That is not how it works but what actually happens is that during all struggles, sickness and pain, Christ is there with us holding our hands, giving us strength and courage to face the natural things that occur in life. One of the unreal expectations is we will become perfect once we have Christ in our souls. It can be somewhat shocking when we find out we have to deal with our imperfections but the difference is we will not be alone with our imperfect beings.  Life is not a fantasy world, but a test to see if we will trust in Our Maker, be faithful until the end, and stay strong and stay on the path to a beautiful, relaxing, and eternal home in Heaven. If we think back to childhood and even in adulthood about a certain present we received which we had not asked for and we weren’t sure how much use we would have for it; only to find out the benefits of our new present and we grew more comfortable with each passing day; that gift could be described as salvation.  I thank God for being beside me everyday, encouraging me, correcting me, and strengthening me to be a better person. If you are struggling with life and you feel the need for strength, there is a Hand from above waiting to reach down and lift you up. To lift up your arms in prayer and willingness to change your life, and receive the peace that comes from redemption is the best gift of life. Keep reaching up and don’t give up! Have a blessed holiday season which will include Christmas, the day which started the celebration of Our Savior’s birth.
Philippians 4:13  King James Bible
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

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