TODAY THE WORDS are BE ENCOURAGED; NOT DISCOURAGED. During this time of year when more people are showing excitement for the Christmas season, it may go unnoticed how so many people are discouraged. At this time when we are involved in the assembling of families and friends, parties, church activities, shopping, baking and cooking, we can’t seem to imagine how a sad feeling or discouragement or even depression can make an appearance. It can and it does for many people. Why do you think this happens when our souls should be shouting with celebration and joy? One of the reasons is the season itself. It is a time when no matter how busy our lives are; how many hours we work, or how our finances are; we “find” time to be with our loved ones if at all possible. This is precious time; emotional time; spiritual time; and for some, party time. There are people, and I have to say, I am more emotional at this time mainly because I used to get to spend special time with my family. My Mother had such a beautiful “child side” to her and her eyes would light up seeing the Christmas lights, the animated characters at the mall, the joy of watching the little ones come to her and get their candy filled canes each Christmas. Somehow, and I try to get into the gift giving, but I lost a little of that feeling when she died. Since my Dad was paralyzed on one side for so many years, I would always give Daddy and Martha money and funny gifts. I would tell Martha ahead of time, the money was in the card and for her to remember to retrieve it from Daddy’s pajama pocket because just as soon as he saw the money, he would smile so sweetly and quickly put it into his pocket. It was our “game”. Daddy knew Martha took care of him and all of their purchasing, but he would act like it was “his” for a while and that gave me so much joy. I am not discouraged: I have those beautiful memories and that is why I speak today for all of you who may have just lost a loved one and there will be some sad Christmas’s and be encouraged not discouraged. For it is the reason Christ was born so we could have everlasting life and see our loved ones again. Without His Birth, there would only be so many good days and eternity of celebration would not be a basis for our hope. Celebrate life; celebrate love, and celebrate Christmas with all of our might!

John 3:17 King James Bible 
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
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