TODAY THE WORDS are FAMILY ALBUMS. While visiting us, Berta, Greg’s sister, brought a lot of pictures of Greg as a baby and a toddler and more family pictures. Sitting at our breakfast nook, we laughed and reminisced about their younger days and it was very heartwarming. When I woke up this morning, it seemed as if my own family album came flashing in my head and so many wonderful memories and some sad ones came through. My heart smiled then wanted to cry over the ones who are not with us this Christmas. It seems as if we begin to live our lives, after the passing of loved ones, through pictures and videos of times past. As the thought of the old family albums went through my head, it stopped at a thought. Our pictures shot with our cameras and  printed out, seem to fade as the years go by. Some seem to maintain their integrity while others make it harder to remember who they are. Also, as age comes to us, our memories of distant relatives also fade and we sometimes struggle to remember. We discuss where the picture was taken, and then the stories start of that home place, that trip, that family reunion, that wedding, and even that funeral. We laugh, we cry, we kid about the changes in weight, hair, or loss of hair, fashions, and expressions. We fill in the blanks and there is possibly some exaggeration about how it exactly occurred. Family albums take us on trips by escorting our minds back to simpler times and we pause and relax while viewing them. We wonder where some people are and how they are doing. We have our sad moments when it is a lost loved one and we see the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the fun and we even run our fingers across their faces as an attempt to reach across a threshold and have one more hug or kiss or to hear I love you from them and to be able to say the same to them. Yes, the family album opens the heart and allows a lot of emotion. Now for the deeper thought as I usually do…….We are now making a family album. We are experiencing this phase of our lives. Each day, in every way, we are taking photos by living. Each time we have the opportunity to see a loved one; enjoy a hug, a meal, a laugh, a tear; we are being photographed by life. What my thought is, we should be aware one day the photo album will contain no more pictures of us in them. We will be the ones who have gone on and our loved ones will gaze into the family album and stroke our pictures……and where will their thoughts go? Will they feel good about us?  Will they feel loved and will they miss us? Will they be assured we are at peace and spending eternity in paradise? Live life; love life; ad live life to the fullest by loving, giving, forgiving and believing and Smile You are on Life’s camera!
1 Timothy 5:8         

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever

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