TODAY THE WORDS are PLAIN FLOUR. This weekend started the Christmas holiday’s baking activity and with the baking came the ingredients coming out of the cabinets. One of the main attractions was flour. While I was using the flour, the different kinds of flour were given some thought. There are several kinds available for various kinds of baking: self-rising, plain, all purpose, white and wheat and there are others such as cake, rice, gluten, semolina, pastry, and organic. Did you have any idea of how many types of flour are in existence? It came to mind about how people can fall into so many categories and today, we are going to discuss how they can be as different in truth as there are varieties. Here is my interpretation of “flour power” as it relates to truth from people. Plain flour people means “you get what they mean”. They don’t have the added ingredients so the truth is the plain truth and it may hurt sometime but you can take their word to the bank. We then have the all purpose flour people and the truth may rise and shrink, may add or delete ingredients to the truth as they feel the situation calls for manipulation or in some cases protection for what they think the person needs to hear and/or can tolerate. The self rising flour people already have additions and they exaggerate their truths to fit the occasions for their benefit or even someone else. They have a border line from telling the truth to falseness and I almost hesitate to put them in the category of truth. I chose to put the other flours into the “specialty” flour people as ones who try to fit the truth in a spin to avoid being “plain truthful” and they represent different views and lifestyles trying to fit in while putting emphasis on being different. In life, we have to choose what flour people we are to be. I am not telling anyone what “flour person” you should be as that is not my place. What I know, is the purest ingredient of life we can try to be without preservatives and other harmful additions to our lives, the better the recipe is going to turn out. Happy Baking in this life and may all of your recipes turn out wonderful!

Leviticus 2:1 
And when any will offer a meat offering unto the LORD, his offering shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense thereon:

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