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TODAY THE WORDS are LITTLE NUDGES. All of us have experienced the little nudges, the little tugs at either the arms from a little one or the heart with sentiments hitting their mark. What are little nudges? Let us look at the physical nudges first. Most of us have either small children or in my case, grandchildren and when they want our attention, they nudge us. It can be a small tap, a touch, or sometimes a series of taps continuing until they get our focus. Sometimes, it is accompanied by a voice of Nana, Nana, Nana, Nana. What they say along with the physical tug or nudge can be the nudge on the heart. Little words produce big reactions such as when a little one expresses their love or they ask a question which warms the heart. There are however, little nudges of a different kind and those are actually the “little nudges” I want to write on this morning. Whether the little nudges of life are transferences from a previous experience or from divine intervention, we can choose to listen or feel them. It is usually referred as instinct, premonitions, jerk reaction, or other reference words but the nudge is a real consideration and we would benefit from listening to those little nudges. How many times have you started to leave your home and decide to check to see if you turned off appliances only to find on was left on? Have you checked your doors at night only to find one unlocked? Or even checking again to make sure you have locked your car doors and find you hadn’t locked them? How many times have little nudges possibly saved your life? We have a unique “security alarm” built into us….a natural radar we might say. Why then, do we not use this radar or nudge alert at times? As much as we listen for little nudges, it is sometimes the important nudges we miss. When you meet someone new and a little nudge alerting you they may not have their heart in the right place, maybe not quite honest about things, moral standards are not up to par, or not honest; listen to those nudges. I am not saying to be judgmental; I am saying be careful and determine if this is a person which can be a good addition or not to your life. We are in control who we let into our lives and who we don’t. Little nudges can become loud alarms if you don’t pay attention to those little voices, little taps, or other signs. Now for the deeper thought…Little nudges can be little messages from God to be careful in our choices.


Mark 4:24     
And he said to them, “Pay attention to what you hear: with the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and still more will be added to you.

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