TODAY THE WORD is TUMBLEWEEDS.  If you don’t live in the western part of our country, you don’t have much or any access to tumbleweeds. This may seem a little strange topic but maybe you will see why I am writing on this subject.
tum·ble·weed  [tuhm-buhl-weed]  noun. any of various plants, as Amaranthus albus, A. graecizans,  or the Russian thistle, Salsola kali,  whose branching upper parts become detached from the roots and are driven about by the wind. Origin: 1885–90,  Americanism; tumble + weed1 
I had a thought about how some people resemble tumbleweeds. They have families, sometimes the most solid families of all but they detach themselves from the family roots and seem to tumble through life and somehow lose their security or position of the family life. Do you know someone like this? My reason for this topic is not personal but more of a thought pondering subject for us. My curiosity is founded by the wandering or tumbling of one of the family. Hardly ever does all of the family members uproot themselves and it is not something which is hereditary as it is usually one out of many family members who become a “human tumbleweed”. Have you been at a family reunion and or start asking about one of your cousins, only to find out even their immediate family haven’t heard from John or Bob, Sally or Jane (exemplification only). They aren’t in prison or at least no one knows where they are and no one seems to know why they left. So therein my curiosity, why or what made them leave “home” and go wandering off alone? Is it something unique within their personality or does an outside source cause this emotional amputation? A tumbleweed if there is a strong wind can roll and tumble for miles and miles and so can the human tumbleweed. They can show up in places on the other side of the country. They can be found in surroundings seemingly uncomfortable to their natural surroundings as in a country boy or girl is living in a metro area; a city boy or girl finding some peace in the countryside. Now that I have your curiosity raised and I am sure you probably have some thoughts and even are thinking of someone you have known or know who would qualify by definition as a human tumbleweed. Here are my thoughts on unraveling this thought…..We all have a part of ourselves which could instigate the fantasy of being a tumbleweed. We could see ourselves as not having to accept responsibility, ties, seemingly endless adventures by staying on the move. At some point and time, each of us with a few exceptions have had the “tumbleweed prompt” go through our minds. However, most of us take a few minutes, evaluate how much we would miss our “roots” and family; how we like having a home, a job, a church, a life and even though once in a while, tumbling loose might have its appeal; that is only for a few seconds. Tumbleweeds, after severing their roots, begin the dying process so the tumbleweed would be wise to stay rooted and strong.
To the church of God that is in Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and ours:
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