TODAY THE WORDS are FAMILY ALBUMS. If your family is like ours, this holiday season, you had a look see in the old family album. With digital photos, online albums, and CDs, the ole family album will soon becoming rare and I think that maybe this is a true loss of the technological age. The old well worn pages, with the protective covers, the corner tabs, the white pen writings, and somehow newspaper clippings appear with their unique appeal. I ask you to sit down with me in your mind and let’s go on a visit to your family album and find the warmth and love hidden in those pages. If your family is like mine; we didn’t organize the photos; they were placed as they came into our lives. This might resemble some sort of chronological order but this was not a factor in the arrangement. While going through the album, we have to pause as one or more of the pictures mysteriously has escaped its position and is floating under the protective sheets. We lift the page and reposition the picture while discussing the events, the wedding, the graduation, etc. which made this photo possible. The family album also reflects the strong family ties as we witness those funny, now depicted as “oh no” school pictures proudly displayed on each child’s page. If that is not proof our parents loved us no matter how funny we looked, nothing is! I looked and saw my sixth grade picture and it was hilarious that I wore bangs that year too; somehow straighter and it caused me to stop; pause; and maybe consider changing my current look. Then, there was the year my sister decided to give me a short hair cut and she did a number on me. The longest thing about it was my side bangs. As we leave that page, we go to the others and we stop to pay tribute and funny stories on those loved ones who have died. It is amazing how people have endeared as time goes on. Love somehow strengthens with time and we cannot stop sharing every happy event we shared with them. Now for the deeper thought….Each day we capture pictures of the “happening events” on our phones and cameras. We share those pictures on social medias and the ohs and ahs happen when people see and comment on them but do we share love as much as we share pictures? While we have our loved ones with us, do we tell them how much they mean to us and how we cherish each and every minute we are allowed to share with them. Do we listen when they tell us of their adventures, troubles, emotions, relationships, worries and/or concerns? Or do we want to display our families for others to see? If our priority is to bond with them more than to build a family album, we have a living family album and later in life, we have it scrolling in our hearts and minds each and every day. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by filling your heart and minds with pictures of how you showed everyone love!


1 Peter 4:8     

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

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