TODAY THE WORDS are LOST IN THE WOODS. For a small town girl, I went hunting with my Dad so we were in the woods often. Daddy loved to go raccoon hunting or better known in the South as coon hunting with the dogs hot on the trails. We went at night and it really was more sport than hunting for food. It was more of a chase to see if the dogs could tree the raccoon and if you have ever seen this animal tree’d; your sympathy normally goes to the dogs as a grown raccoon can “eat a dog up” if you don’t separate them. I am not advocating this kind of hunting and I certainly had mixed emotions later in life and that is not the purpose of this message. The dogs were trained to go to the truck where we had their travel cages. If while chasing the dogs during their run, it was easy to get turned around in the dark, sometimes scary woods. Dad knew if he sent the dogs to the truck, we could find our way out of the woods. Mind you, my Dad could have brought us out of the woods, but it was easier to follow the dog’s instincts for retracing their steps or finding “their truck”. Some people get lost every day in the woods and it is confusing in the least. In these days of technology, this fear of being lost has diminished with technology and GPS and Google maps helps the lost out. What if you were lost in the woods without a cell phone, compass, or other locating devices? Would it seem, as it did with me as a child, dark and lonely? Would you feel helpless and scared? How often in life, do we as humans, get lost in Life’s Woods? How confused do we get, wandering around in circles, looking for signs to help us get out of scary situations life can produce? What is a lost person to do when the path is not clear and it is treacherous and sometimes slippery? Will we be warm, or will the wild, dangers of life overtake us? Now for the deeper thought and many of you are already there with me…….All of us are lost in the woods of life until we depend on the ultimate GPS (God’s Powerful Salvation). All of us need to be found and shown the right path to take. All of us have to have an extra hand to point the way. It is a welcome site to all lost travelers when the obstacles and the things which keep us from knowing where to go clears and the way is lit. If your parent teaches you to depend on the Divine Signs to find your way out of Life’s woods, it is an easier trip. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by having the essential equipment to help you on Life’s journey by visiting God’s Life Store (no fees apply).

2 Timothy 4:17 ESV          
But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. So I was rescued from the lion’s mouth.

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