TODAY THE WORDS are SWEEP AROUND YOUR OWN DOOR. It has been mentioned several times to me in the recent weeks how I know someone, why I am friends with this one or that one, or I have been given some information about someone who I barely know and with this happening a lot and I really feel the ones who have been asking or telling me different information is enough reason for me to write on this subject. No, I am not calling anyone out as everyone has personal reasons for their words and I feel some of what I have been told has been in a method to try to protect me or themselves. Social media creates such a great atmosphere as well as a cesspool if we allow it. I have been fortunate to connect with so many people from my past and now am able to hear of the exciting things such as births, weddings, and sad to say, even deaths. Since I live some distance away from my home town this may be the only way I would hear of such things and I overlook a lot of the cons built into social media because I want to stay “plugged” in. I am going to take us all back into my childhood and hopefully bring a thought to our minds so we may get the big picture of life. My Mom taught us children not to talk about other children and to “mind our own business” and one of her phrases she used was “children learn to sweep around your own front door and you won’t have time to sweep around theirs.” She didn’t originate it and she referred to her Mother saying the same thing. I tried to research for the origin but couldn’t pin point who came up with it but it does serve a purpose. When interviewing a potential employee, I always say to them, and this is my phrase, “Leave your drama with your pajama” and it helps eliminate this problem. Mind you, I see people posting too much info on social media and maybe that is a subject for another day. What I found out in life, is I have gotten over myself and yes, I may allow people to see me in a “real” light as I took the masquerade mask off when I found my true way and what you see is what you get. May I tell you how refreshing and less stressful that is. I welcome anyone who feels I have people as unwelcome friends to unfriend me if it takes some stress off you. I am trying my best to live, forgive, and let live. This may not set well with some people as it seems hard for them to not engage in sweeping around others’ doors. Some of you may think I am referring to you and it may not be anything you have said or maybe it is. God is love; and thank God He didn’t put any requirements on me to be anything but a poor soul in need of redemption and He lovingly gave me that! I am not going to please everyone all of the time and neither are any of us going to please everyone; and as a fact, I am only going to try to be good to everyone and I may only please some of you some of the time, and some I will never please and it took me a long time to figure this one out….as long as I please God as much as I humanly can; I will be okay.


King James Bible 2 Thessalonians 3:11
For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.

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