TODAY THE WORDS are FAMILY REUNION DISHES. While I was waking up this morning and checking to see what had happened on the network of the world, Face Book and Twitter, I saw something which gave me the inspiration for this blog. One of my FB friends and now counted among my dear friends had written a inspiring message about if we forsake God, He will forsake us and if we seek Him, God will let us find him. I looked down a little farther and Michael, who speaks o people who have gone done the wrong road, writing very early this morning reminding us of the strength of God’s Holy Word and I saw Mary Kathryn’s encouraging words of endurance and perseverance as well as many others who add a positive, spiritual, and inspirational message or passage to all of the social media folks and then it came…..Family reunion dishes and how they symbolize a sharing of life, love, education, and inspirational gifts. Here we go: In the south, and I feel confident this happens in all parts of the country and even the world, we enjoy the family gatherings. In each family, there are certain ones who cook a dish somehow a little better than others do and the members of the family encourage this person to bring this dish. I will reflect a couple in my family on my Mother’s side who have cooked the same dishes to bring for years. My second cousin but we called her Aunt Ludell forever makes cornbread salad and I make this same dish and it is good, but her dish I long for. Everyone looks for Aunt Lucille’s banana pudding and I assure you it is always gone. I have a great niece who will beg me to make my pumpkin pies. My sister always makes the best creamed corn and her husband can bake a ham that falls off the bone. My point is each person lends his or her touch to certain dishes and they bring something special to the table. Their “contribution” is missed once they have passed and people still talk about how special it was and how special this person was. Now for the deeper thought…..Each one of us bring something special to God’s table. Each of us have some “special dish” to offer life. God has already placed that love, that talent, that ability to speak, preach, pray, care give, draw, sing, write, and more than I can mention. Please do not forget to bring your “special dish” to the table of life. We need to taste your testimony and/or whatever you can add to other’s lives, God is the Head Chef and the Master of Ceremonies and it pleases Him so when we take the time to gather in His Name and share our “food of life.”

Matthew 18:20 ESV / 108 helpful votes
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

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