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TODAY THE WORDS are BENT KNEES HAVE THE BEST VIEW. If you have ever been to the top of the mountains; if you have ever flown above the clouds; if you have ever looked through a telescope; you have had some incredible views. I still remember the first time I flew I was in wonder and I felt as if I had life truly put into perspective. God’s magnificence brought my smallness into reality. When I watched the huge semi trucks look like matchbox toys and houses looked like the hotels in Monopoly and then realized how much smaller humans were to those two tiny specks, I found my ego falling into the right place. I find it interesting when I see celebrities, politicians, beauty queens, and some folks I never thought had a reason to have a big ego; but then I think I didn’t have a reason either. Life has a way of humbling those of us who have exhibited a sense of empowerment and through those times, and I know I found this to be true; the best view is the view from bended knees. We find ourselves sometimes in life on the bottom with no place to go but up. Or we can stay down as some people find themselves giving up and not looking up. When life had dealt me what I thought to be a heavy load; a place of discontent; God was there. I have seen others as I was being resistant to the call and as I did for a while, trying to figure it out on their own and not looking up. When I finally found my way to the bended knee position, I was amazed at the view. No, it isn’t like the view from a lakeside resort; it is not the same as a beachside aqua vision; it is not the same as viewing the Grand Canyon, the aqua colored waters of the Caribbean; or the Egyptian Pyramids……..It is better, it is magnificent; it is thrilling; it is peaceful; it is the most wonderful breath from this position I had ever received. You can travel all of this beautiful world and take in all of God’s creative splendor, but when you are on bent knees and the Heavens open up and welcome your soul into its paradise when your life is over, Wow, what an incredible view! Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by checking out the best view in the world, from your bent knees and watch your life become so colorful, peaceful and serene.
Psalms 95:6

Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker

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