TODAY THE WORDS are ONE STEP AWAY. For whatever reason, I kept dreaming of a staircase last night, and even with the middle of the night bathroom trip, I went back to this dream. This morning, this thought came to me so the continual climbing in the night was not in vain. When we climb up a staircase, we usually do not know the number of stairs but our mission becomes getting to the top. It is not an essential piece of knowledge to know the actual steps it will require for us to accomplish our goal. When we get to the last step, here is all we need to know; we are one step away from making it all the way. When a runner is in a race, they are aware of the distance, but I doubt they know how many steps they run during a race; they are too busy winning the race. When they see the finish line, the only thing that matters is the final step, one step away, seals the victory. For every runner, there is one step which will determine victory or defeat and even if they have run a great race, it may be only one step which determines if they are victorious or not. Climbers make many steps and some of them treacherous in order to make it to the point, the top, the summit, or a rock’s ledge. There have to be times when their footing is secured by the one step to the right hold which enables their climb. A baby starts to “move in life” by their first steps and we all encourage each step; we smile, we laugh, and we even clap our hands when they finish their first journey to a table; a parent’s arms, or even a tumble to the floor. Now for the deeper thought…..We are, at different times in our lives, one step away from either victory or defeat. I use one step as a metaphor for one discussion which leaves us without a loved one, a friend, an associate, a stranger who needed a kind word and didn’t receive it. It can be one gesture of kindness we either give or we don’t which spells victory or defeat for our souls; it can be one act of forgiveness we either receive or give to another which can mean an eternal victory for both. We are in a race, a climb, a journey of life and each step, even if we don’t know how many are left, is so vital, so important to the outcome and we need to take each step with love, with kindness, with charity, and with forgiveness. We want to win; we want to be victorious; and to reach the finish line, the summit, the arms of Our Heavenly Parent with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

Genesis 28:12 King James Bible
And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

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