TODAY THE WORDS are SOUTHERNERS’ APPROACH TO SNOW. We heard it on the weathermen from all of the different stations so here it comes to the South. The reason I am only including the South in this message as other parts of the country, especially the Northern states are so used to this “event” they take it in stride and live somewhat normal lives during the winter. If you give Southerners a glimpse of wintry weather and especially snow; we seem to warp into children even if we are of retirement age. Grocery stores love this occasional “extra holiday” as sales go through the roof. If Southerners would check in their cabinets, they could have a stockpile of years gone by purchases when bad weather was forecasted and stores were emptied. Most Southerners do not have a clue as how to drive in ice and/or snow and the commentators try to give us a “crash” (love this comparison) course in driving in those conditions. What about the icy unpaved roads in the South? Defensive driving is a process which is learned better on courses and not a “try until you get it right” trial run. On the whole, however, I am going to have confidence we Southerners are true survivors and we will be fine. We will reach deep in our country hearts and draw courage enough to play in the snow; take enough pictures even the biggest sports event cannot compare; eat foods we never eat but we have to rough it out; we will build fires like we never have built; we will check temperatures constantly and windows will be filled with our faces checking to see how big the snowflakes are. We Southerners do not have a treasure chest of snow memories and a lot of children will be seeing their “first” snow. We approach this in the same way most Northerners face a record breaking heat temperature ad they go out in summer attire which Southerners usually wear all year long. Now for the deeper thought….As we look at the unfamiliar snow and we catch snowflakes, let us remember the miracle power of God who creates the weather and each and every snowflake with different patterns. In our hurried lives, we find it hard to stop and taste the snowflakes, a raindrop, a sip of mountain lake water, and even the kiss of a small child who shares love with his or her parents or grandparents. Slow down, the snow is coming, we will survive, and we can look forward to Paradise with God after this life and as beautiful as the snow can be; it will pale in comparison.

Psalm 148:8 ESV     
Fire and hail, snow and mist, stormy wind fulfilling his word!

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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