TODAY THE WORDS are BEWARE OF  BEWARE. This blog has been inspired by one of my friends who inspired me to write the blog, Peggy Mercer, author of several children’s books, speaker and who has a gospel song, “The Oar”, beginning to make its position on charts and being played on radio stations. The other day, she commented on how the internet is such a great invention and means to communicate with the world, but with that luxury, there is a need to beware of the possibilities of the exposure it presents and suggested it would be a great blog message, so this one is for you, Peggy. I am stepping away from the internet and using a simpler example for beware of the beware.  I used to go to people’s homes for a review of their insurance coverage and to discuss if they had enough, needed more, or other possible ways to best insure what they cared about. Sometimes, they would tell me to beware of their dog, watch out for the steps as one was loose, or other hazardous traps. I will not forget an episode. I had an elderly lady who wanted me to pick up her premium instead of her mailing it in; the company I worked for didn’t do the courtesy collection. I agreed due to her age. When I drove up to her house, and started to go in the yard, I stopped as I saw the sign, Beware of Dog. I looked in the yard; No Dog. I went back to the car and blew my horn and still No Dog. The lady, who apparently heard the horn and had to take her time to get to the door, opened the door and said, “Honey, come on in.” I said, “Where’s your dog?” She laughed and said, “That is the best security system I have installed.” She smiled; I went in; she had baked a cake; and I enjoyed my visit I went every six months to collect her premium. My story, now told, brings me to my point of the message. All is not what it seems. We live in a Photoshop world; an altered state of reality and we should beware of the beware. Use common sense, but research before you step or buy. We can use the wise advice to “be aware” instead of beware. Knowledge is a good way to counter scams or people trying to use us for the wrong reasons. God has told us about wolves in sheep’s clothing and I saw a good post on Facebook. Just because someone smiles at you does not mean they like you. God loves you and in this we can trust!

Matthew 7:15
“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

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