TODAY THE WORDS are PATHS WE CHOOSE. Occasionally, the blog message comes quietly to my mind and sometimes; it is like a roar. I can think this is a subject which might step on toes. Maybe I should go in a different direction or as the subject implies, “Choose another path.” For some reason, it becomes obvious I need to stay on the first path as it being sent for a purpose. When our lives are in turmoil, and when others want to add either good advice, or their intentions may be as “tour guides”, and they willingly add their opinions to an unfamiliar subject; we have a built in defense mechanism and we may react sensitively. It is very hard for us to step outside ourselves and listen. The key is to listen and decide if it is good advice. I have heard this statement many times, “Walk a mile in my shoes”. When I hear it; first my Christian soul wants to endear whoever is feeling the pain and agree. We shouldn’t judge; we should be compassionate; we should be understanding; and we should do all of this to a point. People who are struggling with whatever issues, do not have to heed another person’s “travel directions” but one thing to remember; It is up to the individual if they have been walking miles and miles in their shoes and getting no where except to find themselves going in circles, to change their own paths. Usually, and I say this from my experience, To get healthy I had to change what I ate and not feel sorry for the fact some people can seem to eat anything they want to and not gain; this may be their blessing or they may exercise more than I do; but I can do some things others cannot do. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn how to eat healthy. I have never been addicted to a substance and my heart wants everyone who is an addict to be healed; but again, until they want the help; no advice or direction to change their path will be received in a good way. I heard from someone who is a recovered alcoholic make the wisest statement, “It is not the first time they have gone done that path; they have walked that path over and over. Until they change the path; they keep going in the same direction; nowhere.” Now for the deeper thought….As much as it hurts, and even if the advice is being given for the wrong reason; it can teach; we can learn; and we can change the path we have chosen or even if it was not our intention to go this route and we find ourselves lost; we can sort out the correct directions. The best travel guide is God. God’s advice is intended for the good of our souls and loves us unconditionally; but even His Plan requires us to move in His Direction and to travel on His Path. When a bee stings; it hurts for a reason.
Ephesians 4:29 ESV    

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

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