TODAY THE WORDS are FROM A TO Z.  Today’s topic is teaching in a method of from A-Z. I am not going into the classroom as this one has to do with every day workplace teaching methods. My Mother always wanted me to be a teacher and this was a career I never wanted (admire those who do) due to my patience level not being what it has to be in the classroom. However, now at my age, I have thought about the different positions I have held and all of those positions required me to teach others. Maybe Mom got her wish, only in a different light. The office which my husband and I both managed together has a high ranking in our company and is known as the bench mark office. Greg is now managing the office and I work on special projects. I thought about why it is so successful and one of the areas, we both excel is the training and organization of new staff members. They probably feel a little like they are in boot camp when they first start but we do put them through drills. Each position has certain responsibilities and it is important to not only show them what they are responsible; tell them why they are to do it a certain way. I have heard Greg say many times, “Let me tell you why you have to do this and why it is so important.” Training in anything cannot be a hit and miss style; it has to be A-Z and consistent. If everyone is trained in the same manner and given the same instructions with consistency and accountability; life in work or even in parenting becomes as pleasurable as it can be. Flexibility is great when you are reviewing the way a process should work; consistency is great once the process has been established. Let’s think of it in these terms….I have a small child and my goal is to teach this child all of the letters in the alphabet. This child’s mind has the capability of learning every letter but what if I start with H, then B, then Z, then C and etc. Immediately when I did this, your mind jolted because I did not go in the usual order which we have been taught and memorized, right? It is not you don’t know all of the letters; now you are trying to concentrate on what sequence I plan on putting the rest of them and wondering if I am forgetting any letters. See how much harder it is by not training on an A-Z. In anything, remember to include the steps, the letters, the methods, the end result and the reasoning behind the action. This is true teaching and it works if you are teaching math, history, science, or even sharing a recipe. Here is the deeper thought…Teaching another about God takes patience and it is so much more meaningful if you take the time to teach reasoning behind the actions. The best tool to share God’s plan is to read His Word.
Be some ones teacher in faith. They may not bring you an apple; they will love you for it.

James 3:1 ESV     
Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.

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