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TODAY THE WORDS are PREACHING MY OWN FUNERAL. With the recent death of another loving and kind Christian woman, I was awakened very early, around 4 am with a thought running through my mind and it was so strongly presented I felt I should write on this topic. All of us at some point and time, and the death of a loved one can bring this to light, have thought about dying and eternity. That is normal and a looming matter we will face at some point and time. When it occurs, there is highly charged emotional reactions with family members and friends. One of the decisions which is made is who preaches the funeral or memorial. Once chosen, the minister, preacher, pastor, rabbi, or priest or sometimes a close friend will talk with the family members as to the direction of the service. In other words, what are the things they want included about their loved ones. This is what came to my mind…..We live and we love our families and friends, some closer than others. We share a lot of memories with them; some good and some sad. I have attended services which touched on the person’s life and how they came to know God. I have heard the charity and love as well as sacrifice from many. It is usually brought to the forefront how the one who has passed has loved their children. Funny episodes from the past are thrown in to ease some of the emotion and direct us to a peace and comfort. I have said many times and maybe this is why this message was delivered to me again; I would like to bypass a funeral when I die. I know people like to respect and honor the person gone; but their funeral has already been preached by their lives. If there is anything to be said; let it live in the hearts of those who love me; know me; and trust in the fact of knowing I had transitioned to another plane and in eternal peace. I would want my friends to sit back and try to have a contest on who I made smile and/or laugh the most. It would mean so much for them to reminisce  the funny stories and adventures we had shared. I would want my daughter to smile and remember the times we went to the beach together even though I don’t care too much for the beach or shopping, but went because she liked to go. My husband could think of how he loved to smell the sausage gravy and homemade biscuits I baked for him only, because it was his treat and my pleasure to do it for him. I would love for those I was able to say or write words of encouragement to smile and remember. In other words, I do believe we preach our own funerals while we live; while we talk and walk the walk; in good times and in bad times we have shared our love for God and others; and most importantly, I would want to say I had found my way to God’s great love and wanted everyone else to find their way too. And then I would want to say Amen and I will see all of you soon! We are living our funeral every day; make it a joyful and happy going home celebration. RIP: Lois Spivey Hutto, Mother of some of my dearest friends. Your life is the kind we all want people to remember).

King James Bible  Philippians 2:12
Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

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