TODAY THE WORDS are LITTLE VALENTINE. Cupid, you are a busy little cherub today, full of mischief but guided by love, shooting your arrows into many hearts which will never be the same once your love arrow has pierced hearts all over the world.
The historical origin of Valentine’s Day is surrounded by mystery, but one legend behind this celebrated holiday is centered around Valentinus, a Christian Saint, who was imprisoned for not giving up his Christian faith. Historians believe that Saint Valentine was a temple priest under Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor insisted that unmarried men were better soldiers that those who were married, and he forbade marriage for younger men. Valentine realized the unfairness of this statute, defied Claudius, and performed weddings for young soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He was also accused of preaching to Christians. During the Roman Empire, this act was considered treason, and when Emperor Claudius discovered his actions, Valentine was imprisoned and ordered to be put to Death.
Saint Valentine would cut out heart shapes from a sheet of parchment and give them to soldiers, and the persecuted Christians, to remind them of their vows and God’s love. It is believed that Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring with an image of Cupid engraved in it. This was recognized as a symbol associated with love, and usually worn by bishops. The soldiers would recognize his ring and ask Saint Valentine to perform marriage ceremonies for them
During his imprisonment, he befriended his captor’s daughter, and they struck up a friendship. The visits by the woman were brief, and they did not have much time to talk to one another. He would, during his free time, write loving messages on small cards and hand these over to her when she visited. (Source: Valentine’s Day Saints Mystery and History Laura Oneale )
I thought everyone would enjoy this bit of our “valentine” history and on this special day, please remember all love comes from God so send a Valentine from our hearts to Our Creator. He is the source of everything good and loving in our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Psalm 13:5
5 But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

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