TODAY THE WORDS are PRICELESS PIECES OF CHINA. Yesterday, I wrote a little quote which was inspired by a eulogy message sent to us from a relative in California and the quote was, Life is like a set of fine china. It is precious and fragile and has to be handled carefully. It is not however, to be packed away and not used. The beauty is in the touching, looking, and valuing each piece as once it is broken and taken away; only the memories of its beauty remains.”  This morning, I read the eulogy again and I felt she wouldn’t mind if I shared her beautiful words relating to china. Barbara is one of the loving people I have communicated with and her words reflect her spirit.

 This piece is not in its entirety; only the reflection for the set of china is here:   

Remembering her brings to mind a story of how we treat special gifts.  A gift given by the Gift for enjoyment for many years., a beautiful set of China. The China was beautiful treasured china, wrapped up, put away for special occasions.  It was a beautiful set, but was really just dishes.  One day while being moved to a new home, the box of dishes was dropped.  The person carrying the box stumbled and fell.  Every piece of the china was broken in many pieces.  Trying to pick up the pieces, crying all the while ,they did not survive and was tossed in the trash.  This gift of treasured China was cherished for several years wrapped, stored away for special occasions.  The enjoyment that was intended by the Gift Giver never happened.  There were never any occasions special enough to bring the china out, unwrap it, use it, think of it’s beauty and mostly be reminded of the Gift Giver.

(excerpt from eulogy sent from Barbara Mills for her niece, JENNIFER ANN GARDNER-GUTHRIE)
It was such a moving, emotional piece I wanted to share it for several reasons. Life doesn’t give us the planned special moments to take out the “china” and value its beauty. We get caught up in “paper plate” eating as I call it with snatches of time with loved ones. The family dinner has all but gone by the wayside, with children being fed separately, parents not sitting down, but catching morsels while talking on cell phones. Here comes my deeper thought……Why is it we don’t have time to gather, say thanks for our blessing of food, teach little ones how to properly eat, listen to their little adventures and share an opportunity of guidance if their feelings have been hurt; but we can play games on our computers, phones, or Ipads? Uh, oh I have hit some nerves with this statement. Early last evening, I deleted every game off all of my electronics. I am not saying everyone should do this but play in moderation; but the point is we are packing the precious china (or people) away. One day the box may get dropped and we have lost the opportunity to gaze on its beauty again. May God allow all of us to unwrap the china pieces (or our families and friends) and set the table for God’s love to be shared.

1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV         

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

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