TODAY THE WORDS are PUTTING IT OUT THERE. When I was younger, we used to hang clothes on the clothes line since we didn’t have a dryer; we didn’t have an automatic washer either. I miss the fresh smell of the clothes hanging out in the sunshine, however, I enjoy doing laundry at my convenience more, so some sacrifice for convenience is necessary. When the clothes were on the line, they were visible to our neighbors. My message is about “putting it out there” and it was placed on my heart to write about this, so here goes. For so many of you who have followed my writing of the blog know I have thought about stopping several times for fear of others thinking it is all about “me”. When we “put ourselves out there”, we are subject to others, who may be going through difficult times, rejecting a positive attitude as a braggart attitude. In other words, na na boo boo; I am blessed but you are not is what a struggling person may interpret. This is a catch 22 for a person whose desire is to encourage not discourage. I am a strong person who was weakened by sin and have been through a lot of dark times earlier in my life. I have chosen not to “air my dirty laundry” but I can assure you, if ever  while reading anything I write, you feel I am judging or acting holier than thou; you are misinterpreting my writing. God blessed me with a positive soul and some of you may interpret this as me wearing rose colored glasses. If we are praising God for our blessings, it doesn’t mean we are not conscious of other’s sufferings. We are not promised we will not go through difficult times and some of you now are going through the most difficult times. I reflect back to my brother, who died of melanoma, who had to be the strongest person I know going through such a difficult time, knowing his time was short, and thinking of how to leave everyone taken care of was so inspiring and I am not sure I could be that strong. The reason I am putting this out there is for this reason only. When you are struggling, it is not a blog, words, or even another person who can give you the help you need as God is the only answer. I can only share life’s experiences and they are only for sharing and not for preaching. I leave ministering and preaching to those who have been called and I admire them for their dedication. Life is a choice; no one knows except God how we should live and work out our own salvation. By writing, if I offend; there is no intention; if it helps, I am glad to share my life’s experiences and do I think I know it all, no I am still at maybe G or H in life’s alphabet. All of you inspire me, and God inspires me to do better with Him than I ever did without Him. And that’s all I have to say about that.

1 Peter 5:8 ESV          
Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

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