TODAY THE WORDS are WAS IT A SNAKE?  Continuing the lightheartedness of yesterday’s post which seemed to be well received, this story is a true story, but I cannot remember the guy who told this story.  However, I can see his face today as if I am standing in front of him. Back in the mid eighties, I worked for Motorola in Brunswick Ga. This was in the first days of cell phones (bag phones) but even more popular and economical were the pagers. As reps, we were all getting used to wearing them on our waistbands or on our belts and we were encouraged to have them set on vibrate to avoid so much commotion when a pager went off. As this guy, and for story sake, I am calling him George, was experiencing the new sensation of the vibration and jumping when it vibrated; he decided to go to lunch. All was going well, with a few unexpected jolts, George thought he was getting used to his new pager. Lunch went great with a couple of friends and then nature called. George excused himself and settled down in one of the stalls with his pants down around his knees. While concentrating on nature’s call and completing the task at hand, George stood up and grabbed the toilet paper, and then it happened. A sudden “rattling” down around George’s feet terrified him it was a snake and he ran out of the stall, or as fast as he could with his pants down. He almost made it to the door and almost to a point of no return of shame, when he realized it was his pager going off. Off course, a couple friends laughed themselves silly and George had a story; they had a laugh and so did all of us at the office when he told us again. The moral of George’s story is  sometimes things are exactly as they seem; but if they seem like a snake; Run, Run, Run! If there can be a deeper thought to George’s story, it might be…..We are faced with learning new things; adjusting to changes; and we face losing loved ones, losing jobs; and  losing our health. It is scary when these events occur and we want to run too. What we have going for us is a safety net, God who chases the “snakes” of life away through faith, prayer, hope, trust, and devotion. Don’t get caught with your pants down; but if you do; don’t run but drop to your knees instead and pray. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by watching out for the “snakes” in your life.
Isaiah 41:13 ESV          

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”

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