TODAY THE WORDS are TABOO LAUGHS. This morning I saw some posts and videos on Facebook and I am going to admit I was laughing at a few things which are hilarious when you are watching a video or looking at a picture but could not have been funny to the person it was actually happening to at that very moment. This thought brought to mind a few people who will remain nameless, but who would have to laugh even before helping someone. They can’t help themselves and I call them the taboo laughers…you could be hurt and they would laugh; you could be in danger and they would laugh! The crazy part about these crazy laughs seems to be they are uncontrollable. People I am referring to are fantastic people and very caring but they are going to laugh. Let me give you an example and for this example, we have to go back to a different time in my life. When I owned the decorating business for manufactured homes (in the south, better known as mobile homes or trailers) we were under the gun for completing the houses before a trade show. We had to load our arms with pictures, accessories, napkins, floral arrangements, pillows, dishes, etc. When it was loaded, our frontal vision was blocked somewhat so accidents could happen easily. One wrong step or move and you could find yourself splattered on the floor. Without calling names, Worker #1 was in the house and Worker #2 was loaded with supplies, tripped over the threshold, and looked like a free falling skydiver with all limbs extended and never mind all of the decorating items all over the floor. You would think Worker #1 would have hurried over to help Worker #2 but no; Worker #2 finally looks over to the sofa to find Worker #1 kicking her heels up and down dying laughing. This is the Taboo Laughs I am referring. If this was the only time and if it was only Worker #1 doing it, it would be funny but a couple of weeks later, the roles reversed and exactly as you are thinking; Worker #2 had her opportunity to Taboo Laugh at Worker #1 and so on and so on. I know most of you have been the victim and the instigator of the Taboo Laugh when no matter what; you have to laugh. I don’t know if there is a deeper thought but here are my thoughts on why we Taboo Laugh. It may be an escape from the fear of someone you care about being hurt. Whatever the reason; it happens so if you are a victim of the Taboo Laugh; remember your time will come. But at this time, try to remember about God requiring us to forgive others.

Psalm 126:2 ESV    
Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

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