TODAY THE WORDS are RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. Sometimes, we dwell on the “bad news” and we seem to overlook the reports of random acts of kindness (I have been guilty of this attitude myself at times) but this morning, one news report caught my eye and it brought more and more videos go viral and bring them to the news reporters’ attention. When a stranger extends an arm of kindness with no itinerary or agenda for themselves; it makes for the best coverage. I hear it in the  voices of the reporter; good news is so rewarding for them to report. The show hosts smile more while reporting. When a garbage man, who is unaware of a little boy’s autism and has observed the young boy outside waving when he comes by and watches every move the “usual unappreciated” job he does, buys the boy a garbage truck that dumps; it is magical. The father videoed the moment and it went viral, causing messages, texts, and calls from over the world and it started from a act of kindness from someone to whom very few people are kind. When a person offers to pay for a meal for a homeless person; it makes nice. When a young person recognized the frailty of an elderly person and steps up to help; it rekindles hope in this otherwise, self interest world. In the event of a tragedy; the human kind spirit of help can send chills up our spine. The rewards of kindness are magnificent in a way other gifts cannot compare. The best gift of kindness is one who cannot be seen by the world; it is a gift which may never receive any recognition other than a Thank You and a smile. I love to hear about the Pay it Forward and I will admit when I participated in this process, my heart swelled. It somehow made it very personal to have it held close to the heart without fanfare. Do you remember how it felt when you helped someone out of a difficult situation? Do you have the memory of giving to a stranger or given to a loved one without expecting a Thank You and I am Grateful remark every time you saw this person. Giving is giving; it shouldn’t require a continual recognition for the act of kindness. I can recall people who helped me over my lifetime and of course I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated their help; I could tell by their expressions it was not an expectation.
Here is the deeper thought…..The gift is to give as our spirit rises and our heart swells. God implanted this response for us to know when we give we are working His Plan by gifting both; the recipient and the giver.


Luke 6:38 ESV     
Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

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