TODAY THE WORD is “NUFF”.  A lot of my southern friends are going to recognize this word; others may think I am trying to slaughter the English word, “enough” but as you will see there is a distinct difference between the meaning behind the these two words which are similar but oh so different. I am a proponent of attempting to speak English as it was designed, but being a Southerner, I can appreciate a little more emphasis on certain syllables and dropping a few ‘g’ s here and there. This differentiation however had a lot of meaning when I was growing up. Our Mother knew how to pronounce ‘enough’ and when talking to someone, maybe in teaching me how to cook and when I had reached the appropriate amount of a certain ingredient, would say, “that is enough”. When, as kids, we had tried her patience, playing too loudly, hesitating when she called, or play fighting between each other; when she said “nuff”; that was it. There had better be no delay and we had better respond in a speedy manner of cooperation. In those days, when two men were arguing and it was getting more heated, one of them would sometimes say, “nuff” and that generally meant if you say another word I am going to hit you. Phrases would be used “nuff said”; that’s nuff; no more, nuff; etc. and here is how I see the difference. Enough is more gentle in conversation, more polite and is used when emotion is not at play; nuff is more final and no time is spent on civility. Now, for the deeper thought……In today’s society, we should use the slang word of ’nuff’ more than we do. In an attempt to be more open minded and politically correct, some of us whisper “enough” when we should be saying “nuff” and mean it. I believe that only when a group of people have ALL of our interests at heart and are not self serving should we listen to their concerns. When a group demands their interests without regard to the entire country’s interest, we need to say nuff. I do not encourage prejudice against any person; I have reservations about giving in to any demands without proper thought and respect to all parties. Think, rationalize, analyze, with compassion and understanding; react with sound judgement and reasoning. Life for all will be more agreeable. Nuff said!
Deuteronomy 1:6
The LORD our God spoke unto us in Horeb, saying, You have dwelt long enough in this mount:
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