TODAY THE WORDS are BACK IN THE DAY. To many of you who didn’t know me back in the day; you may not have a clue as to my many adventures in life. I choose to view it this way; others may choose to view it as someone who never settles into a single career. This has truth in it as I have to be continually challenged and my thrill is to try something new, figure out how to do it smoother, work out the kinks, move it out to the appropriate markets, teach others how to do what I do, and then guess what; I want to try something else. This makes a great project manager and serves my employers well. I want to walk you back on my past, in one of my former “lives” when I owned a decorating company for manufactured homes. A couple of my blog friends who worked with me are going to chuckle about this memory. I had teams of decorators who loaded our trucks with all kinds of decorating goodies and traveled to the dealer lots as well as the manufacturing plants and we assembled a décor package based on the budget we were given. Since we covered Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama, I found it hard to personally be on all trips. My Sister was my right hand and she would go with the other team and I usually took the trips which were longer with my team. However, I would sometimes swap the trips to actually decorate and see the team’s work as each decorator signed a card identifying which houses they decorated (good idea for any position) and was like signing a painting. This was not a glamorous job as it demanded physical work. I was in the truck, had climbed up the shelves to where the napkin rings were stored, was straddling the shelves with my back to the back door when I heard a voice say, “I heard Arline was here, do you know where she is?” Of course, I couldn’t miss a great opportunity to have some fun and I replied, “She is probably sitting under a tree and letting me do all the work!” He quickly said, “You better not let her hear that; she will fire you!” At that time, I jumped down and turned around and smiled and said, “I will be the last one she will fire. Hi, I am Arline.” Now his look was priceless! Life is serious enough, so find the good times, the laughter, the smiles!

1 Peter 1:8 ESV     

Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,

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