TODAY THE WORDS are WHY NOT GOD? I am happy to see the film makers producing movies such as Son of God, Noah, and the other ones coming out later. A lot of young people haven’t been exposed to the subject of God and this led me to my message this morning. I woke up early, which is normal in the Miller home and wanted to check on the news since there is a lot of turmoil and weather. A commercial came on for some kind of sinus relief. The actor had a date and was worried about his sinus problems and relayed he was going to get his normal medicine. Out of nowhere, a voice spoke to him and said his medicine wouldn’t work and he should get this other brand. It hit me like a ton of bricks; no, not about the medicine, but how our world wants us to accept voices from nowhere, talking pigs, geckos dancing, ducks quacking brands while doing all kinds of human feats, and I could go on and on. We are subjected to special effects in movies and we are taken to other worlds or space; the characters find demons, aliens, altered beings and we are pulled into fantasy worlds every day. Why then, is it so hard for people to believe in God? Imagination comes directly from our minds and I feel we were given imagination to release the fear of a Higher Power, A Creator of Life, and A Powerful Savior. We bought into the Star Wars theme; the Terminator; John Wayne the Hero; the Lone Ranger; E. T., and others; why not God? As humans, here is the hard truth and it is one I had to realize some years back. If we buy God exists; His Word is True; Jesus is Our Savior; and there IS a Heaven and a Hell; we must act ourselves. There are steps to salvation and it isn’t to the popcorn stand for refreshments. It is a move within the human spirit to humble ourselves, recognize our weakness as humans, ask for forgiveness of sins and transgressions, and pray for salvation. When we watch actors on screens, we can be passive. Oh yes, we can cheer them on; cry when they get hurt; or take on their persona with costumes, books, DVDs, etc. but we are not being asked to participate personally. With God, I chose to act in accordance to His Words; I had to move out of circles and a lifestyle with lots of changes. I live the part; I breathe the part; and I have to continually ask for a re-write of the script when I do something wrong, but guess what? The “Oscar” I am nominated for and promised by God I can win is Eternal Life. Yes I believe in God; Why Not God?
John 5:24 ESV     
Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.
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