TODAY THE WORDS are SEEKING HOPE. As people, we are seekers. We watch and scan social media for the “good” stories. We Google for any information, sources for information, shopping places, restaurants etc. We are seekers and now, with the technology available, we can find almost anything we seek. What about hope? My husband and I have worked with a lot of people in the medical field and they are quite knowledgeable. Greg and I have known of a young man’s struggle with sickle cell anemia for several years and a couple of days ago, Greg was asked for help since Micah, the seventeen year old young man struggling, has been accepted through Egleston for a trial program which offers Micah “HOPE” with a transplant. Greg went to work and reached out to every television station to pick up the story and I am proud to say he got their attention and I have linked the interview to this post. Hope is everywhere and anywhere you can seek it because God is everywhere and anywhere. He will use people to achieve wondrous things and give them a blessing while they are doing something for someone else. It is beyond belief, beyond imagination, and beyond human power; It is of God’s creation and plan and all we need to do is seek. When the way looks dark; God’s light of hope may even start as a flicker, and will continue by the means of prayer and others wanting to see a dream come true, a sickness cured; a surgery completed; a miracle child born; a miracle plain and simple (even though there is nothing plain and simple about a miracle). If you ask; if you are willing to pray with all of your might; and if you are diligent to serve God; miracles can happen. Do not get discouraged; seek and you shall find. Hope is the promise all things will happen in accordance to God’s plan. I see sickness; I see pain; I even see things I don’t understand; I trust in the Highest Power knowing what is in Our Journey. When, and if you watch this video from the link, you will see such positive people who have struggled and are asking for help and Hope. You see a young man faced with so many years of pain and still smiling and hoping. He is strong because of his struggles but also is strong from his family pulling together and loving each other. Let us Help, Hope and Pray for Micah. Click on this link: .HOPE FOR MICAH INTERVIEW 
King James Bible  Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

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