TODAY THE WORDS are WOULD YOU BE MISSED? This may seem like a morbid post and does lean toward a sad thought. I watched a bit piece on the news of a woman found in her garage, deceased for years; yes I said Years! No one had found her body since 2008, when the authorities think she died. Her bills had been paid by bank drafts until the money ran out and the home went into foreclosure. You can google the story and I only refer to it as this touched my heart with the knowledge no one had missed her in all of those years to try to find her, see if she was okay, and this pulled at the heart strings and caused this post. This was a woman in her 40’s and nobody missed her. In this world of everyone going in this direction and others going in that direction; we are losing the family touch; the friendship circles; the workplace family; and the church ties. Here is the question I pondered, if today any of us went missing, who would look for us? If someone we know went missing, would we take the initiative to look for them? Or would we do as this lady’s neighbors apparently surmised she must have moved out of the country? Do we check on our loved ones? Do we see about our elderly family and friends? Do we care enough to check? I am being blunt  but I am intentionally making a point. When our Mother had to be in a nursing home, we rotated and most of the time, we had someone coming and going to let her know we cared and to assist in her care and plainly to let her know she was loved. The tragic part was all of those people who we kept seeing in the halls, lost and scared, and we would never see visitors; they seemed to be the forgotten. You may say, well they wouldn’t know me if I visited them. That doesn’t matter as those lonely souls loved us stopping and saying hi and touching their hands. They didn’t care we were strangers; they loved someone taking the time to acknowledge them. I am not sure what happened to this forgotten lady; I don’t have her background but someone, somewhere should have checked on her before she was allowed to be mummified. Have we become so aloof; so separated; so uncaring as a people? I pray this is rare but today, please take a minute and call a loved one; run by and say hello to a shut in; stop a minute and tell someone hello and give them a smile. God is love; God was there with that lady even though the world had forgotten her; God didn’t!
John 10:10 ESV     
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly
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