TODAY THE WORDS are HUMBLE PIE. I may end up with pie on my face but I have to go with the inspiration I am given and Humble Pie is the subject for today.As James Huston explains in Humble Pie, the original dish dates back to 16th Century England and was called “umbles pie” — a meat pie made from deer umbles (the heart, liver, and miscellaneous innards).
These less desirable meats would be taken home by the huntsman who killed a deer for a nobleman, while the nobleman would get the venison. The umbles would be baked into a pie to create a modest dish suitable for a poor man. When I was younger and living a different life, humility didn’t have a priority in my life. I was proud of my accomplishments and somehow, being humble seemed like a weakness. I wasn’t, in my mind only, not arrogant either. I always loved being surrounded by people and enjoying a good laugh. Oh, I was charitable to ones I saw in need and I loved my family tremendously but I was caught in a trap of life that so many of  us get into. A good friend of mine who posts and witnesses to others who know he has been there and he understands what they are going through, talks about how he used to think about what it took to be popular. It is humbling to read his story; he gets so real in his words that you know it is real! In life, being popular, successful, and wealthy (however, I never had to worry about that one) is tempting to most of us until we are led to the table of God and have to eat a big slice of humble pie. To gain the true living ground of life; we have to go to a low point to see how high everything looks to us. Any pride, prejudice, malice, selfishness, and dishonesty has to be eaten away and we need to taste the bitterness of those ingredients. Humble pie is one of the hardest food of life we will ever eat; it is the one meal that will change the course of our lives, once we have humbled ourselves and start to eliminate all of the bitter ingredients. Those ingredients will be replaced by the sweet fruits that only redemption will bring. The sweet taste of love that replaces selfishness; the fragrant taste of charity mixed with grace; helping others to achieve their goals will give us more flavor than our own success; and if money can be mixed as a sprinkle instead of us thinking that is the main ingredient and if we stir all of the love, charity, unselfishness, and grace with a big spoon of humbleness, we will assemble the best pie of life and we can feast on the dessert God wants us to have. I love to bake but it is always better when others recognize the taste more than me. Humble pie might not taste good but if we pay attention to the ingredients we have in our kitchen of our souls, we can live life; love life and fill our lives with sweetness.
Galatians 5:22 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

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