TODAY THE WORDS are FALLING STARS. As some of you know, I am on a little break from writing on the blog daily and getting some spring cleaning completed, but this thought came through so strong this morning, I figured I had better get it out while the getting is good if you know what I mean. I saw a group entitled “Elvis, boy from Tupelo” and all of Elvis’s fans, don’t go hating on me as I am a huge fan myself. I also see most of us following several stars and celebrities. We count down hours on popular shows and even remark on FB almost every event on each one of these shows. Yes, this is entertainment and I believe I am guilty of becoming “hooked” on some shows myself. Here is the thought meant for me, I feel for sure, but I felt it necessary to share with others as I am not alone in this message. We spend so much time on shows, celebrities (and most of their moves are not in the best light and some people applaud their “stupidity” and why I never have figured that one out), sporting events, races, reality shows (and what is real in those staged shows, I ask?). We do everything we can to attend concerts, but hardly find time to go to church or charitable events; we discuss every politician or elected official, but cannot find time to vote. We take to the social media like we are glued to our computers (trying my best to cut this down tremendously) but we can barely remember our loved ones’ phone numbers, much less pick up the phone to keep in touch. We can go to restaurants to eat out with acquaintances and friends, but our best friends, our families; we don’t even cook for them or visit with them unless it is a special occasion. We regret and mourn when a classmate dies; but we cannot find time to go to our own class reunions. I realize I am stepping on toes with this message, but I am right here with you so don’t shoot the messenger. Now for the deepest thought…..We can make time to pray when we are sick, destitute, or in emotional stress. We can move Heaven and Earth to pray during those times; what about the times when we are happy and no problems are on the horizon? What about after we have been delivered, saved, and spared? Just food for me and as I like to share; I hope you see why this message is worth sharing to others. Can we make some time to give thanks by removing some of the things we “always” seem to find time to do?

1 Chronicles 16:34

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever

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